“Volunteers are not paid because they are priceless”.

Our school community highly values the partnerships we have established with our volunteers. Moe Life Skills, family members and members from the local community support our school in many ways. They work in the canteen, assist with breakfast club in the mornings, support students in specialist classes and classrooms, help to maintain the grounds, help in our library and participate in fundraising activities. We always welcome volunteers who have a working with children’s check as outlined in our Child Safe Policy.

This is what our volunteers have to say ........

I love books, so I enjoy working in the library and the interaction with the children as they enthuse about the books they borrow. I keep up my computer skills and helping to make the displays around the school is great fun. I am made to feel my contribution matters…..

Jill Jessup – Library volunteer

I have volunteered at Albert Street in the library for the past 20 years and enjoy the social interaction with both the staff and the students. It keeps my brain active and gives me a sense of achievement when tasks are completed. Volunteering also gives me an opportunity to pay back the community and the school for educating my daughter, both which contributed to being where she is today.

Joyce – Library volunteer

I volunteer my time to the school because I know that I’m helping to improve the school grounds and support our children. Without volunteers, our children wouldn’t be able to do some of the extra activities they get to do. Volunteering my time also allows me to gain experience and confidence, and I know I am doing something great for a great school that has friendly teachers, staff and students.

Sandi – Fundraising Co-ordinator and Administration student

This is my second year volunteering at Albert Street Primary School. I love it because it keeps me busy, I learn new things as I take on more responsibilities. I really enjoy being able to help out where I can. The best part is getting to know the staff and students, and seeing the big smiles on their faces when they come to say hello.

Mel – Canteen and Fundraising Co-ordinator