School Leaders

In the last term of each year, our graduating year 5 students are given the opportunity to apply for student leadership positions in the following year. This process involves compiling an application including supporting arguments for their selection. This year's student leaders are pictured below. Their responsibilities include:

  • hosting assembly each week,
  • distribution of sports equipment at lunchtime and recess
  • completion of the Rotary junior Leadership Program
  • greeting visitors to our school
  • upholding our values leading by example
  • collection of recycling

Elected school leaders for 2021:


School Captains:

  • Lilly - Captain
  • Connie - Captain
  • Levi - Vice Captain
  • Makayla - Vice Captain

Sports Captains:

  • Baylee
  • Kiarna-Lee

Rotary Leaders:

  • Jye
  • Lilly
  • Kiarna-Lee
  • Steph