School Council

The Albert Street School Council is comprised of parent, community and staff members. We currently have 16 members; 9 parent representatives, 2 community representatives and 6 staff representatives. Our School Council is lead by president Leigh Taylor (parent representative). Our current School Council members are:




Parent Representatives:


Leigh Taylor - President


Al Kurzawa - Vice President


Janelle Reed - Treasurer



Ashlie Norman - Secretary


Deanna Zealley



Casie Konnodouras





Sandi Wilmot

Steve Cassar

Rebecca Corney











Staff representatives:


Monique Osborn - Principal


Sharon Waterhouse 


Steph Hoekstra

Ann-Marie Ernst

Katie O'Regan

Deb McKimmie    


Community Representatives:


Lindsay King

Ann Taylor




Purpose of School council

School council is the legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of a school. It is also the major governing body of the school that, within Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines, decides the future directions for the school and oversees the school's operation. School Council operates under a legislative framework and also sets its own standing orders according to its legal obligations. Standing orders include information such as membership, office bearers, decisions, meetings and sub committees. Each member of School Council is encouraged to share their thoughts in a respectful manner and also support one of our committees. Our committees include:

  • Finance
  • Fundraising and Community Relations
  • Building and Grounds

All members of our School Community are eligible to be on School Council and encouraged to attend meetings, even if not a member. Mettings are held on the last Tuesday of each month and dates for 2021 are as follows:

Meeting dates for 2023


February 28th

March 28th

May 30th

July 25th

August 29th

October 31st

November 28th

December TBA


Annual Report
At our School Council meeting in April 2023, School Council reviewed and endorsed the school's Annual Report. The report is available by clicking on the link below.


School Council News
School Council News is a shared initiative of the Department of Education and Training and the new School Governance Network. It provides School Councillors with information and a forum for ideas, case studies and timely stories that highlight good governance and positive outcomes for students. Click on the links below to access School Council News