Junior Unit - Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2

Sounds Write:
In Foundation to Year 2 we use the Sounds Write spelling program. Students are grouped based on abilities to ensure all students are able to learn, grow and achieve their learning goals. During these sessions we make, build, write and read words using our knowledge and understanding of the letter and sound combinations that we have been learning about. Students learn about sound swapping (for example- cat – hat). Lessons also include handwriting, dictation and hands on Literacy Rotational activities to further develop student knowledge and understanding.


5/6 Buddy Reading

At Albert Street Primary School, one of our key values is partnership. Our Year 5/6 students work in partnership with the Junior classes every Wednesday morning. During this time students read books together. The 5/6 students help and encourage the juniors to use their decoding strategies. They enjoy playing games together. This helps to strengthen student strategic thinking.



Students in the Junior Unit are involved in P.M.P every week. During these sessions’ students enjoy a movement-based program which helps younger students improve their coordination, fitness, balance, movement and eye-tracking skills.




In the junior unit we have a strong focus on ensuring all lessons are structured to cater for the individual needs of all students. This requires teachers to use data to plan lessons that caters for each student’s ability levels. Some students receive intervention and extension lessons.

We provide students with concrete materials to support their learning. We often ask students to demonstrate their learning to the remainder of the class so their peers can build on each other’s ideas and to clarify their thinking.

We often play math games to improve student’s mathematical fluency and strategic thinking skills.