Wheelchairs for Kids Wheel-A-Thon

Can our school raise $275 to buy a wheelchair for a child in Need?

The main project for this year’s Rotary participants, is fundraising for Wheelchairs for Kids alongside the Moe Rotarians. To achieve our goal of $1,000, we will be holding a “Wheel-a-thon” on June 26th from 12:00—2:00pm.
There will be wheelchair races, BBQ, bake sale and mini stalls, with all proceeds going towards our goal.
The kids have designed their own QR code which takes you to our donations page and all donations made this way are fully tax deductible. We recognize how very generous our school community is and hope you will all dig deep
and help us reach our goal!
A huge thank you to Energy Australia for supporting this year’s Rotary students in providing a small grant that will help us with all of our projects in 2024.