Junior School Council

School Captains

  • Isabelle McGuffie
  • Georgia Jack

Vice Captains

  • Sam Wilson
  • Lani Taylor

Sports captains

  • Fraser (Yellow) – Tahlia Salmon, Charlee Wilkinson
  • Freeman (Red) – Cooper Horter, Ashley Kuipers
  • Landy (Green) – Adam Roughead, Cory Hersey
  • Perkins (Blue) – Ben Stirling, Cameron Stapasma

Junior School Council members

  • Katrina Slocombe
  • Jordon Turvey
  • Jack Brosnan

Selection and Obligations of Leadership:

Each year our year 6 students are invited to apply for the school’s leadership positions. Teachers Jacob Hall and Julie Pearman provided assistance to the year 5 students of 2014 to write leadership applications. These applications have been carefully considered and discussed by all staff at a recent meeting.  Students are considered for the positions in light of their potential to:

  • Represent the school at all times
  • Work as a team member
  • Act a positive role model for others (behaviour, uniform, attendance)
  • Communication skills

Students who are selected for a “badged” leadership role must adhere to the above points at all times in order to maintain their leadership role.