NAB Partnership

National Bank Seed Grant $25000- A project to strengthen oral language for the juniors

The partnership approach taken for this project recognises that effective learning extends beyond a relationship with between a classroom teacher and the child. It aims to build upon and improve the existing partnerships that are currently working together in the life worlds of the children in relation to early language acquisition. These partners include families, Monash University, Latrobe Community Health Service and Moore St Kindergarten.

Partner organisations will include Monash University (Pre-service teachers, Wendy Goff, Margaret Plunkett, Kelly Carobott), Latrobe Community Health Services (Lindy Alsop), Moore St Kindergarten (Susan Ryan). The Monash Partner will work closely with children and families to improve literacy learning outcomes. This partnership will be embedded within the Monash unit EDF330 6 – a fourth year literacy unit in the Bachelor of Education. It will also be a reciprocal partnership as it is anticipated that the partnership will enhance not only learning outcomes for the primary school children but also for the Monash pre-service teachers.

A partnership is already established with LCHS whereby clients from aged care read stories to students and develop oral language through storytelling. A further partnership with Moore St Kinder will enhance prep and grade one students confidence by reading to Kindergarten children. It is also anticipated that this partnership will enhance the transition experience of children and families.