Minister for Education Martin Dixon
Visit from Minister for Education.
Martin Dixon visited our school on the 9th October to inspect and discuss the conditions of our MOD5 buildings and our concerns with the current fencing around the school. The Minister’s visit was organised by Gary Blackwood (Member for Narracan) who has been working with our school council on these matters. Mr Dixon was greeted by our school captains Joshua and Annie who spent some time talking about our school programs, awards and grants. The visitors were most impressed with the manner in which Joshua and Annie spoke on behalf of our school community.
After a tour through the school, Lindsay King (president), Julie Murray (school councillor) and I discussed our building and facility concerns with Martin Dixon. The discussions were positive and we are expecting some follow up support.  The Minister was extremely impressed with the learning and teaching at Albert Street Primary School and wished us luck as finalists for the DEECD Early Years teaching awards.