2016 Annual Gippsland Xmas Gala Ball Fundraiser




Xmas Gala Ball – is the Annual Formal Black Tie Gala Fundraising Ball in Gippsland  to help raise needed funds to setup in Gippsland the “1st Primary School Accelerated Program Facilities”  not just for the students attending the school, but for all Primary School Students, in the Gippsland areas.  A facility where Parents can also attend and utilise a hub – being a place to participate and meet with like children like minded on programmed weekends and after school .

The future of Gippsland is our Children, guest speakers will cover :  

Business:  What is the future business and industry in the La Trobe area – what jobs will our children be working in.  Are we going to be the engineer & farming capital of Victoria.

Social & Economic Issues of our area  that are impacting our Primary School Children – and how a simple new program can make a child smile for the first time.

Talented & Gifted Children – the issues of our these children getting bored and the overall impact if children do not get the challenges they need, they can become the disruptive child in class and drop out.

The Ball is reaching out to business’ families, community and sponsors to help develop and grow this facility by additional funds for resources of extra specialist teachers, purchasing of program materials and units, and entrance and application fees, tournament of minds, mindfulness programs, and introduce the science, engineering to our primary children.

Most Importantly this Program Fundraising target to provide the state of the art facilities is  $100,000. With the Ball and as little as 250 business’s @ $250 each will help us achieve 3/4 of this target.  If we could get at least 750 families or community members sponsor from $50 we would meet this years target..

Where Business and families join together understanding that ”  Accelerating our children is everyone’s business, and the future of Gippsland is our children.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016 Gippsland Gala Ball, which will undoubtedly be a wonderful inspiring event for our children.

This is about children our primary children –  What a gift we can give to our children and community to show our children how much we care about all our kids and lead by example “ Working Together, including everyone, accepting all children, showing kindness” demonstrating core values  Partnership, Respect, Optimism and Pride – the four core values of the Albert Street Primary School.


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