Past Student Reflections

Eva S

Grade 6 2014 – This student transitioned to Trafalgar High School:


That was my first thought when I first entered Albert Street Primary School (A.S.P.S). It is so much bigger (there are more students and the school ground is larger) than my old school, Narracan Primary School, so I was very nervous but also super excited.

This year has taught me so much about confidence and learning, I think I have strongly thrived in so many ways. I have also made a lot of great friends, this year has come with various surprises.

In term one I was very jittery because I thought the work might be too hard for me. I was constantly worried whenever we had a math test or whenever we had maths in general, so I made a promise to myself that I would focus on my work and ‘throw’ myself into my learning.

I will admit that I did get carried away with some of my friends during the start of term one, and got into a lot of trouble for it (which I’m not proud of) and sometimes I still get told off for giggling or talking, but over all I have been trying and working harder in Math and English. As an example the other week when we were working on dividing/multiplying fractions Mila, Jen and I were up to question 30 when everyone else was up to question 12 or 14. Just last year or at the start of the term I would have completely lost focus in Maths (especially fractions) and I would have started talking or drawing or giggling with the person next to me, I would have no interest at all because I would have thought it was too hard for me. I have learnt that if I put my mind to it, it can be quite easy, I have definitely improved in Math and I have become more enthusiastic in Math and literacy.

I was so surprised when we were all sitting in assembly and the teachers called my name out for a Landy House Captain. At first I thought that there must be another Eva in the class so I raised my eyebrows, pointed to myself and mouthed “Me?”. The teachers laughed and replied with a “Yes”. So I stood up and walked to the front with a huge grin on my face. I was 100% stunned because I had only been at A.S.P.S. for two weeks (and I hadn’t even applied for a leadership position), at the start I didn’t even know why all my friends were so excited about getting a position, I didn’t even know what they were (because my old school didn’t have them), until they told me. I honestly don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon how surprised I was.

Ever since I can remember I have always been so shy (but not quiet, surprise!) and self-conscious, but this year I have really broken out of my shell. I am so much more confident and I am really being myself more. I have also learnt not to care much about what people think about me and to not ‘follow the crowd’. Looking back at this year I would tell my grade five and term one and two (of this year) self to, “Choose my friends wisely, be confident and to work a lot harder on my school work especially Math.”

Now I have talked about my area in learning that I need to improve in (Math) so now I’m going to talk about my strong point in learning (literacy).

Ever since I started school in prep I have been writing narratives about all sorts of strange (but wonderful) things like magic bracelets that transport you to magic lands, baby lions being taken away from their mothers and (one I have wrote this year) a child with her favourite shoes.

When I transfered to Albert Street I soon caught onto the Big Write program they have where every few weeks we would be given a topic and we would have to write about it. The topics would vary from narratives to recounts to step-by-step instructions to persuasive pieces. Big Writes are definitely one of the things I enjoy most about Albert Street and nearly every time I get a six or seven, that would probably be another improvement I have made during the year.

In English we have been working on sensory and personification poetry, which I strongly enjoy. A couple of weeks ago Mrs Pearman’s class was divided into two teams and we had a personification poetry race/competition. We would have to choose a topic, sit in a line then we would pass the piece of paper down the line and each person would write one line of personification poetry relevant to the topic. then we had to edit the poem, put the edited and improved poem on a poster then decorate the poster. It was tons of fun and our team ended up winning (but not by that much!).

Another interesting and fun thing we did in literacy was when we all had to make a picture story book. We had about thirteen topics to choose from (mine was moving houses) and even though I didn’t finish it, it was very fun.

Lastly I am going to write about the SEAL Program. Starting with an explaination of what it is.

The SEALP (aka H Class) is a program at Trafalgar High school that starts in year seven. Basically in year seven you do year eight and year seven work  (so you kind of have double the work) and you have extra homework, in year eight you do year nine work and homework and then in year nine you do year ten work/homework. After year nine I think you get three years to your VCE (I think, I’m not too sure about that bit).

I have done the test a week or two later than everyone else and at first I thought I might have missed out on the testing and SEALP altogether!!!

Thank God for my best friend’s Mum, who works as a teacher in Traf High, because she managed to convince the principal to let me do the testing late ( I was also allowed because the tests the other students did hadn’t been sent off to Canberra, where the tests were corrected and where they decided who got let into the SEALP, if it had been any later I might not have got in!).

In the end I ended up acing the test and I into the top ten. I am so excited about it and I cannot wait for the SEALP next year, getting in was definitely one of the year’s surprises.

So there you have it, a yearly recount on my year at A.S.P.S, I honestly think I would not have gotten into the H class if I didn’t come to Albert Street. A.S.P.S has definitely (no doubt about it) helped me improve in so many different ways.

Rhodes D

Grade 6 2014 – This student transitioned to Lavalla SC:

I had already been in the senior unit for a year but coming into grade six was very different. There were more things to do you could get a house captain or school captain position. My personal learning plan for learning improvement was to improve on my confidence, because I had a position that I had to talk in front of people. I also wanted to improve on my spelling because I was getting low scores.

I chose to improve on this because I had a position that require me to talk in front of a large group of people, and spelling because I was getting low scores.

The things I am most proud of this year was getting up in front of everyone for the first time and talking about things that are going on around the school at assembly.

It was hard because I had to have a very loud voice, and clear voice because if I didn’t people wouldn’t hear what I say and will not know what is going on in the school.

I tried to improve by reading it out and trying to remember all of the stuff I had to say.

I have been successful because I now only have to read over it once to remember most of it. And I have a clear voice.

I still need to improve on remember my whole sheet so when I go up I can look at the people and not the page.

The learning behaviours that have helped me the most would have to be organisation and my confidence.

I was able to use both of these by getting my things where I need them or getting the microphone for asssembly. I was able to use my confidence at assembly when talking.

The most important thing I have learnt this year was try hard and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Because if you don’t ask questions how can you learn anything, and if you don’t try hard you won’t be able to do anything.

The thing I learnt about my self was that if I put in the effort I can work really well, and I can work well in a group or by myself.

The achievement that I have been most proud of was getting a school captain position and representing the school in sports. Because I learnt how to talk in front of a large group and I learnt that it is not scary talking in front of people.

Because there are more opportunities, and there are more people to make friends with.

My Learning plan for next year is to make it in to the school football team and get high grades in academic.

Cooper W

Grade 6 2014 – This student transitioned to Lowanna SC:

The start of 2014 was said to be easy, taking down the Christmas decorations from last year. At the start of the year, there was a new batch of grade 5 students, on the other hand, us, the brand new grade 6 leaders. We were ready, to do grade 5 over again, except as grade 6er’s.

We started the year somewhat slow and easy. My personal plan being; to get that 2 minute time on grids, and get a leadership role in JSC. I accomplished both, 2 minutes and vice president in JSC. I chose to improve on these because, I had already tried to get 2 minutes last year, (I was unsuccessful). I had also always wanted to be in JSC.

As we progressed through the first term, many of us had set goals we wanted to reach. Mine, were to improve my spelling, also to improve my organisation. Last year, I had already tried to improve on my spelling.

Contrary to my need to further improve on my spelling, I believe I was successful in practising more often, still not every day. Although I got better, there is still room for improvement. I still get easy words wrong and harder ones right, on the other hand my organisation has improved significantly.

Further on the year everyone had developed helpful learning behaviours. The ones I found most helpful were; being organised, having the courage to ask questions and knowing how I work well with. Though helpful, I was able to utilise them in the following ways; I was able to organise my learning; as in getting the right books and equipment for each class, I asked questions when I needed help and I was able to pick suitable work partners.

One of the most important things I have learnt this year is that it is not impossible to get up and speak in front of large crowds. I was able to accomplish overcoming my fear by getting up and giving it a go (With the help of Mrs Pearman). As the end of the year approached quicker than ever, the trail of the senior unit has been littered with achievements made by everyone. The achievements I’m most proud of are: getting 2 minutes in grids and getting a leadership role in JSC. Getting 2 minutes had been a goal since last year. Also, I have always wanted to be a JSC member, I was close in grade 4 but became a back-up.

Closing in on the end of my 7th year here, leaving Albert Street will be big, going to high school, even bigger. Knowing that I’m excited and ready for secondary school, I have had a valuable time to think and prepare for next year. My thoughts on next year are: I believe that I will be able to cope easier because of my personal achievements the last 7 years. Also I will have good friends coming with me to  Lowanna that will be able to help me when I need it.

My personal learning plan for next year will include: better organisation, because I have not been able to be fully organise at all times though improving this year. Also, to try and manage my time better, I have been able to improve my time management, to the point that it’s better than ever. Although I have improved, I can still leave things to the last minute.

This year has been on epic rollercoaster jam-packed with ups and downs, finishing my last year here at a high would be nice, knowing that I have left a positive mark on Albert Street school history. I am excited for year 7, but I’m sort of sad that I’m leaving a great school. I can’t say the same for everybody, but the grade 6er’s graduating to high school are ready, and I say… bring on year 7!


Chloe L

Grade 6 2014 – This student transitioned to Lowanna SC:

For the past 8 years I’ve attended Albert Street. I’ve learnt a lot of things through my primary years including my angles, time tables, spelling harder words, how to read a clock and how to join my hand writing. My personal plan for learning improvement at the beginning of the year was to not talk as much in class and to get more work done, to do my homework by myself without my mum’s help as well as practising my spelling work because last year I never practised and never got over 10 words spelt right. I chose this area to improve on because I didn’t get a lot of work finished last year because I was too busy talking to my friends. my mum did most of my homework last year but know I do it all by myself, I also wanted to get under 3 minutes because last year I got down to 3 minutes so I practise every night or in the mornings (Now I’m down to 2 minutes).

At the beginning of the year I was mainly excited and confident in myself. One of the greatest learning challenges this year for me was maths, English, joint hand writing, time table grids and my spelling words. It was a challenge because I have always found Maths and English hard because I’ve never really got it, with my time table grids last year I stayed on 5 minutes for most of the year. I originally planned to improve on this by practising on my time table grids and on my spelling words as well as getting all of my school work completed on time.

I’ve had many great teachers in my primary years including Ms Sim and Ms Andersen. I have been successful in the following ways; in being more confident in myself and not always judging myself and always putting my best efforts in on my homework. But there are still things I need to work on like adding and subtracting fractions I still don’t get the process of it and subtracting and adding decimals.  Last year I learnt a lot of things including my time tables. The most important thing I have learnt this year was not to always put myself down and to not think I can’t do it when I can. But I also learnt how to join my writing, last year I had no idea on how to join my hand writing.

I’ve learnt a lot of things about myself as a person including that I can be confident in myself and that I do whatever I want if I put the effort into it.

I’ve achieved a lot of things this year in my learning like getting down to 2 minutes in timetable grids and most importantly getting the Rotary award, I was really shocked but at the same time over the moon. I’ve always wanted to get an award like this. My thoughts on next year are more excitement then nervousness. My personal learning plan for next year will including making new friends.

I’ve learnt a lot of things in myself and in my learning that will help me in the future.


Brayden A

Grade 6 2014 – this student transitioned to Baringa Special School:

Hello my name is Brayden A. I am going to tell you about my yearly evaluation. My personal plan for learning improvement at the beginning of the year was my organisation because my organisation at the beginning of the year was not good. I chose maths because it will make me smart. One of the greatest learning challenges for me was my times table grids. Because my handwriting for times table grids isn’t good. I originally planned to improve on this by improving on my handwriting by practising.

I was successful in the following ways I was successful in my times table grids because I got 144. I still need to improve on my organisation. A learning behaviour I found that was really challenging was my organisation, I was able to use it in the following ways: I was able to use my organisation to get things ready.

there is an important thing I learnt this year that if you like doing a test it doesn’t matter if you get an answer wrong you’re just having a go because it will help me on a test.

The most important thing that I have learnt about myself as a person this year is that it doesn’t matter about sport and it’s not all about winning. The most important thing I’ve learnt about myself as a learner this year is that fractions are really hard. The achievements I am most proud of this year, my achievement that I earned was flag monitor because the people who made the badges read my application. These are my thoughts on next year I feel nervous to go to high school.

My personal learning plan for next year will include for next year I want to achieve is getting all of my maths work correct.