Lunches & Canteen


The school’s canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the school year to provide a service to families and to raise money to support the educational program at the school.


The school works in partnership with Moe Life Skills Program to co-ordinate the operation of the canteen. Moe Life Skills clients, working with their supervisor, develop a range of literacy, numeracy and living skills as they co-ordinate stock control, ordering and prepare lunches every Monday.


The operation of the canteen relies on the generosity of parents and community members volunteering their time to prepare lunches and supervise sales when the canteen is open to students at lunchtime. Volunteers include parents, grandparents and community members associated with the school. If you would like to join our group of volunteers contact the school office for further information.



The menu provided attempts to provide a balance between consumer choice, healthy eating and remain economically viable for the school to operate.

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Click here for our Nutrition Policy


Orders must be written on a lunch bag and placed in the classroom basket at the beginning of the school day. Printed lunch bags are available from the school office. (20 for $2.00)


Selected students assist with lunchtime sales as part of a leadership development program at the school.