The fundraising committee is a sub committee of the school Council, run by parent volunteers who dedicate their time to raising funds for much needed equipment and educational resources. Over and above the compulsory school fee contribution, fundraising enhances the quality of programs, equipment and activities that the students and their families can enjoy over and above their basic educational needs.

New parents are always needed and most welcome, please see Russell Chapman for more details or a member of the School Council.

This year the following events have been planned for so far:-

Term 1

  • Special Lunch Day
  • Out of Uniform Day
  • The sale of Hot Cross Buns
  • An Easter Raffle


Term 2

  • Mothers Day Stall
  • Special Lunch
  • Woolworths BBQ
  • Chocolate/Lolly Drive
  • Disco


Term 3

  • Our School Raffle
  • Special Lunch Day
  • Footy Day
  • Woolies BBQ
  • Fathers Day Stall
  • Disco


Term 4

  • Fun Run
  • Disco
  • Kids Voices
  • Woolie BBQ
  • Christmas Raffle