The Principal

Welcome to Albert St (Moe) Primary School where we stand strongly by our motto of “Achieving Together” and our values of “integrity, learning and teamwork” to educate children for the 21st Century. As our core business is facilitating all of our children to reach their potential, our school has an extensive local network to ensure that the learning and teaching is genuine and effective. This network, as shown below, involves the children, parents, staff as well as other educational institutions. It promotes the importance of professional learning so that our staff is up to date with current learning and teaching practices to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of every child.


Albert St Primary School takes pride in its “open door policy”, please take a moment to visit the information provided on this extensive website. By doing so you will become aware of our focus on developing numeracy and literacy skills, elearning, visual and performing arts and health and physical education. You will also note that the welfare of our students is supported by the Student Welfare Officer and various programs and policies which are outlined on this site.

Should you have any further inquiries you are welcome to contact myself or the Assistant Principal Ms Mary Ann Van Lambaart.

Dr Monique Osborn