The Arts

The Visual Arts program at Moe ( Albert Street ) Primary School aims to provide opportunities for all students to think creatively and express their ideas. Throughout the year the students work with a varied range of materials, exploring and creating and producing artworks. While the students are being taught appropriate use of materials and their applications, they are also developing their artistic talents. As part of the program the students are also learning the formal elements of art: line, shape, colour, tone, form, texture and design.

Another component consists of looking at the art of others and so developing an art appreciation.

The main areas of the Visual Art program are:

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Modelling

  • Print making

  • Threads and Textiles

  • Construction

  • Collage and

  • Art appreciation

All students have the opportunity to participate in Visual Art classes once per week, for an hour.

Many of the art activities are linked to the classroom inquiry learning topics or current events. Moe (Albert Street) Primary has also been involved in various community art projects : ( 2004) Peters Ice Cream MCG School Wall Tile Competition (150 th year celebrations), Latrobe Community Health Centre, Moe Bus Shelter Posters (2005), Latrobe Regional Hospital Gippsland Cancer Centre School Mural project (2005), Japanese Day Takasago (Latrobe City Sister City) School Quilt Nihon Project (2005), Visions for Australia Day Flag project (2007/8), Moe Railway Station Bollard Project (Make Moe Glow Promotion) 2006/7 and currently the Moe Rail Trail Signage Project (2010).

Students artworks are proudly displayed throughout the school. During the end of term three, all students select one piece of artwork to showcase to the school community, family and friends in the annual Kids Voices Art Exhibitionwhich is generally held in mid October during Term 4.

Students are required to have an art smock for protecting their clothing.