PE & Health


During the prep years at ASPS, our main focus is on the enjoyment of physical activities. Each lesson contains a set time of moderate aerobic activity. The students perform fundamental motor skills* and movement patterns and this is done both with and without equipment. * Fundamental Motor Skills: Running, jumping, catching, overhand throw, jumping, leaping, ball bounce, soccer kick, punt kick, two –hand strike and side-arm strike.
In prep, the students are taught to follow rules and procedures and to share equipment and space safely. They are also introduced to the idea of fair play and sportsmanship. This year PMP, a program that develops the students’ skills in areas such as balance, hand/eye coordination, eye tracking and body awareness, will be co-ordinated by the Prep teachers The program is designed to help students with their classroom learning.

Grades 1 and 2

During grades 1 and 2, students continue to develop their fundamental motor skill and begin to improve their locomotor activities in relation to controlling their bodies when running and changing direction. Activities are designed to help students perform simple rhythmical movements and include both a dance unit and gymnastics unit. They regularly engage in moderate to vigorous aerobic activity and begin to investigate the link between physical activity and health.
During these years, competitive games are gently introduced in a way that develops the idea of sportsmanship and being a good winner and loser. We start to discuss the contribution rules make to safe conduct of games and to the idea of respect for team mates and opponents.

Grades 3 and 4

During grade 3 and 4, we start to perform a broad range of complex motor skills, mainly in sport-specific situations. An example of this is the playing of such sports as softball, basketball and soccer. Students begin to use and understand basic games’ tactics and are encouraged to show fair play and to respect officials. In all lessons there is still a part devoted to moderate to vigorous aerobic activity and its importance in relation to health-related fitness.

The students are given the opportunity to participate in and represent the school in Inter school Swimming, Athletics and Cross country days against other schools in the area.

Grades 5 and 6

In grade 5 and 6, students start to refine their motor skills and apply them in increasingly complex games and activities. Students are more able to work independently and to assist both more and less- skilled peers to improve game performance. More vigorous aerobic activities are performed and students work in groups to create a game, and establish rules and procedures for its safe conduct.
Students are again given an opportunity to represent the school in swimming, cross country and athletics. Students play against other schools in our area in our Inter school Winter Sports program on a Friday afternoon during Terms 2 and 3. Students also get the chance to advance to zone, regional and state level in swimming, athletics, cross country, soccer, netball and a range of other sports.