At Albert Street Primary school all staff from Prep to Grade 6 strive to deliver a challenging and engaging Maths curriculum. Staff work particularly hard to ensure individual needs are catered for.

We aim to use open-ended tasks that allow for multiple entry and exit points so that all students can participate at their level. These tasks focus on problem solving and require students to use the skills and tools they have learnt.

As we work to provide a greater emphasis on 21 st Century Learning students and teachers take the Inquiry approach to learning and focus on the following areas:


In each classroom students and teachers have access to a wide range of resources such as dice, counters, unifix, calculators, counters and more. The school also has a Maths store room from which teachers can access further resources such as trundle wheels, capacity kits, maths games etc. when required.

Lisa Douglas has been our Primary Mathematics Specialists since 2010. Lisa’s role includes teaching in her own grade and modelling to and working with other staff members to further develop their current practise.