Sporting Programs

Whole School Activities

We have a number of whole school activities during the year beginning with our Swimming Carnival and Fun day. Students in Grade 3-6 are able to try out for the school swim team in the morning and the afternoon sees Prep -6 compete in water tabloid activities. A whole school Athletics day is run towards the end of Term 1 or early Term 2. Again Grade 3-6 commence in the morning competing in a range of events such as 100m, 200m sprints, shot put and discus, long jump and triple jump. Grade P-2 participate in a range of fun activities such as Egg and Spoon races, Sack races, Frisbee throws and 50m sprints. It is a competition between houses for the sports day shield and each student receives at least one ribbon in recognition of their efforts. A whole school Fun Run/Walk day takes place generally in Term 2. Older students are encouraged to run the course and from this our school Cross country team is selected.

School Houses

Albert street primary enjoys an active and competitive spirit in the many sporting and physical Education activities it promotes. Our school has 4 houses in which the student and teacher body are divided they are represented by a colour and are named after sporting legends

Blue Perkins Click here to learn more about Kieran Perkins
Green Landy Click here to learn more about John Landy
Red Freeman Click here to learn more about Cathy Freeman
Yellow Fraser Click here to learn more about Dawn Fraser

These althletes were chosen to represent the diversity and integrity of Australian Sports Men & Women that have acheved worldwide acolades for determination, persistance, confidence and good sportmanship.

Western Valley Primary Schools Sports Association (WVPSSA)

The WVPSA is the district arm of the Victorian Primary School Sports Association and is responsible for organizing and conducting numerous sporting activities for students attending schools in our local area areas. There are 8 schools in the district who each provide a representative to become a member of the WVPSSA Committee. These members take responsibility to organize all gala days, sports trials, athletics and swimming carnivals each year, and volunteer their time in excess to their teaching loads. All of this work is completed with the aim of providing a holistic and supportive schools sports program for your children.

Active After School Community Progam

In 2011 Albert St Primary School received funding to particpate in the Active After School Community Program. To date the children have participated in a 45 minute session held after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The sporting activities have involved soccer, roller blading, basketball and tennis.

The objectives of the AAC Program are;

  • To enhance the physical activity levels of Australian primary school-aged children through a nationally coordinated program.
  • To provide increased opportunities for inclusive participation in quality, safe and fun sport and other structured physical activity through the AASC program.
  • Stimulate local community involvement in sport and structured physical activity.