English is a continuing priority in the school’s Annual Implementation Plan and we recognise that the ability to read, write, speak and listen will prepare our students for life-long learning.

At Albert Street Primary School we have a dedicated two hours Literacy Block in the Early Years which enables students to establish firm foundations in Reading, Writing and Oral Language.
From 2007 until the end of 2009, Albert Street has participated in the G.L.I.S. program (Gippsland Literacy Improvement Strategy).

Through our Early Years (P-4) and Middle Years (5-6) programs students learn how language works and how to use it well.

Literacy in the Early Years: Learning to Read

  • The focus of Literacy in the Early Years is to
  • Teach reading and writing skills and strategies
  • Introduce students to a wide range of literature
  • Use spoken language effectively
  • Ensure learning technologies maintain a focus in the Literacy program

Literacy in the Middle Years: Reading to Learn

  • The focus of Literacy in the Middle Years is to
  • Consolidate and build on basic skills and knowledge
  • Develop into independent readers and writers who are encouraged to take on tasks to enhance and enrich their learning
  • Develop an understanding that language varies depending on purpose, audience and content
  • ontinued use of learning technologies with higher expectations in use and understanding


  • All students are assessed against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and Statewide Minimum Standards.

Intervention and Acceleration:

  • Individual Learning Plans are developed for students working either above or below Statewide Minimum Standards.

Intervention Programs

  • Additional Assistance in small groups and Classroom Support
  • Access to Speech Pathologist