Developmental Learning

At Albert Street we encourage our students to take ownership of their learning. We promote the development of skills that enables your child to be a life long learner. We provide opportunities for students to become engaged in rich and varied learning experiences that respect and suit the individual developmental stages while promoting the growth of the whole child.

Since 2010 Developmental Learning has been a major focus in our Junior Unit. This approach promotes an exciting and stimulating learning environment that allows students to explore, investigate and develop their personal interests. It also provides students with the opportunity to continue developing their social and emotional skills by being able to cooperate and negotiate positive resolutions to conflicts using appropriate language and actions. Activities such as sand play, dress ups, construction, home corner and puzzles are provided to develop and refine students’ fine motor skills which are important in strengthening writing and eye/hand co-ordination skills. The daily Developmental Learning sessions are structured in a way that allows students to further develop specific skills in literacy and numeracy that have been taught in the classroom. Latrobe Community Health clients are partnered with the Junior Unit to work with students during Developmental Learning for strengthening the oral language of our Prep to year two students.

Albert Street’s Developmental Learning Program is based on the philosophies of Kathy Walker and Cath Murdoch but it is individualised to meet the learning needs of our students. Kerry Mills, junior unit teacher, has an extensive knowledge and experience with Developmental Learning due to her previous work as a pre-school teacher prior to coming to Albert Street.

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